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Helping traumatized families embrace their sacred nature through messages of unconditional love, hope, healing, and transformation.

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The trauma we are currently experiencing in our world today is manifesting in dramatic ways affecting our children, adults, couples, families, communities, and the world. Trauma drama is woven within the tapestry of humanity every thread connecting us to our greatest gifts and our deepest suffering. Trauma is in the spotlight. And no one knows this better than Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff. With personal experience of abuse and sex trafficking in childhood and over 35 years of experience with countless generations of traumatized families as a Ph.D., Registered Nurse (RN), Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), nationally certified trauma therapist (ACTP), certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC), and co-founder of Josephine’s Clinic, a non-profit serving those who have experienced human trafficking and violence, she discovered the key ingredient to healing trauma in children, adults, couples, and families and is author of the upcoming book, “Beyond Trauma Drama: Cultivating the Sacred Nature of Families to Heal.” In 2016, Dr. Kelly was honored with an appointment to the American Health Council’s board of nurses as one of the best in America and for the contributions she has made in the field for the past 30 years.

Dr. Kelly brings a unique perspective gained from her personal, professional, and volunteer experiences over the last 35 years related to the authentic power each of us have within us to be the change we wish to see in the world. Using real-world examples, Dr. Kelly sheds light on how traumatized families bring their unique gifts, wisdom, strength, courage, and resilience to help heal themselves and humanity.


The Sacred Family   


By Dr. Kelly Bohnhoff

It started with a sacred “yes” to journey to the stars.
Of all the places we could be the universe was ours.
What of the year, the time, the place, the people we would know?
Who would we love, conceive, and honor as the lives of all unfold?
What would we do as storms draw near to the life that we would build?
What of the children we would birth into the world at will?
What of the animals, trees, and oceans with Mother Earth as our guide?
Who holds life’s truths deep in their hearts of all that is divine?

The sacred family shares their love with each other as they grow,
Allowing all to awaken as the light of love does flow.
The journey is unique to all, the pain and suffering clear, and
Yet, the sacred family chose to heal despite their deepest fears.
Who is this sacred family who shares their light each day?
Allowing all to heal the pain, and suffering along the way?

Humanity, you see, is the sacred family-true!
There are no others, us, or them, nor really me or you.
We are one sacred family, learning to live in harmony once more.
Embracing our human and sacred natures as we continue to transform.
As above now so below, the sacred family be
our souls as One now unified for all eternity.

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